Would you like to have a private event?

Whether it is a private party, a family gathering or

a business meeting Seasons’ private room could be the place for you!

Our Private Room

During the reconstruction of the building we found a large open cellar underneath the restaurant.

Obviously we had to do something with it, so have created a quite special private room, fully sound proofed from the restaurant , ideal for group meetings.

Large enough to comfortably host up to -50 people there is a separate bar and a superb sound system, so you and your friends can dance the night away even after our normal restaurant hours.

Whether it is a party, family gathering, a business training or networking event we can look after all your needs , very nicely.




What kind of events do we host?

– Birthday party,
– Family gathering,
– Graduation banquet,
– Small training,
– Networking event,
– Company event,
– Christmas party,
– New Year’s Eve party,

Basically, if you are looking plan any event for up to 50 people , ask our team for booking availability and a quote!

Price request

Just tell us what sort of event you’re planning
(type of meeting, number of attendants, food, drinks, etc.)
and we will quickly respond with our offer

Do you have any questions?

Don’t be shy , get in touch! We will gladly give you a very prompt answer!